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In this article we’re mostly referring to full boat takeovers, but half-takeovers exist, as well as vanilla cruises that only allot swingers a designated deck. Condoms are not provided, and sexual health is addressed much in the same way it is in the single dating world. There are tour operators of the more luxury lifestyle vacation persuasion.

As Kevin said, ”Most are careful, few are fastidious. “Interestingly, there are even relatives on board, but not in the same cabin,” Kevin said. Most people on these things are friendly and open to meeting new people, obviously, so all you have to do is get yourselves into the right place at the right time. LLV, and the less-publicized SDC, charter much smaller ships to more exotic locations, like Rio, Buenos Aires, and the Croatian Riviera.

For example, never have I ever seen a dental dam in use, but 99% use their own condoms.” Not each others’ condoms, their own condoms. So for all you mothers and sons, and uncles and nieces out there, just keep an opposite schedule. Don’t sit at a table for two in the dining areas and if you meet a couple you like during the day, make plans to have dinner with them one night. Though Couples Cruise does offer the occasional European river cruise.

According to Matt and Bianca from Everbody Swing, a couple’s card with contact info and a photo will help others remember who you are, and a dry erase board and photo for your door is good for said others to find you at a later time for friendly conversation/sex.

Whether you are on the Hamburg Reeperbahn or Frankfurt’s famous Bahnhofsviertel, the energy at night in Germany’s red light districts is undeniable.

It’s true that no matter what fetish, fantasy, or taste you possess, you can find satisfaction in Frankfurt if you’re well-guided.Simply, bars are open later, orgies are completely elective, and pole dancing/hand sanitizer is heavily encouraged.“Freedom is the biggest thing,” said Bob, founder of Couples Cruise, the main charter company that’s hosted 11 of these jaunts as of this writing.These charter companies have symbiotic relationships with the big vanilla -- the term to describe conventional lifestyles -- cruise lines, such as MSC Cruises and Celebrity Cruise.Bliss and CC then work with the ship’s cruise director to develop a suitable lifestyle program, i.e. Swinger-specialized travel agents -- like The Swinger, Right Connections Travel, Topless Travel (the in-house travel agency for dating site Swing Life Style), Dream Pleasure Tours, and Erotic Adult Travel -- can help you pinpoint exactly what you want from your cruise, and which ones are meant for partner swapping (since that’s not always obvious).

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Additionally, a robe makes retrieving all your belongings after a romp in the playroom way easier, not to mention some cruise operators don’t want their staff exposed to your exposure.