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The Sun is associated with yang (male), whereas the Moon & Earth are associated with yin (female).

Family gatherings and reunions with feasting are the traditional means of celebration.

The Chinese Dongzhi ("extreme of winter") Festival is viewed within the Yang and Yin philosophy as a time of returning of positive energy associated with lengthening daylight hours.Stonehenge and hundreds of other megalithic structures throughout the world were constructed to receive a shaft of sunlight in their central chamber at solstice dawn.December feasts were common in Europe because it was necessary to slaughter cattle that could not be fed during the winter and because the meat could be preserved by the cold weather.Lighted candles and winter fires were used by sun-worshippers to encourage the rebirth of the Sun (as if some feared that days would continue to get shorter until the Sun ceased to return).Similarly tying fruit to the branches of trees was intended to encourage the coming of Spring.

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Their own king was to be slain so that he could assist Marduk in the spirit world.